Lallemand Inc

Lallemand Inc. is a privately-held Canadian company, founded at the end of the 19th century, that specializes in the development, production, and marketing of yeasts and bacteria.The company is organized into 11 technically-driven business units focusing on various applications of yeast and bacteria in baking, fermented beverages, human and animal nutrition, fuel ethanol and for agricultural and pharmaceutical uses.


Dong-A-Pharm Co. Ltd.

Established in 1932Dong-A Pharm. has been the leading pharmaceutical company in South Korea with its business focus in developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products for the healthier life of our society.


Fidia Pharmaceutici, spa Italy

Fidia operates in numerous therapeutic areas, providing specific, innovative treatments for commonly occurring
– joint healthcare
– advanced wound care
– dermatology
– neurology
– dermo-aesthetics




Naturex core business is built upon ability to control the technologies used for extraction, purification, and liquid and powder formulation. Naturex is known for its large industrial capacity and expertise. Over the years, They have diversified their technologies by pooling and adapting equipment and methods from various acquisitions. Through open dialogue between production sites and the exchange of technological knowledge, industrial performance continues to advance on a daily basis.

Biosearch Life

Biosearch Life

Biosearch Life is a leading biotechnology company focused on providing innovative solutions worldwide. They are present in all the main international markets with in the pharmaceutical,nutraceutical & functional food sectors, Providing a wide range of high quality products & services, all of which revolve around the concept of a healthy life.


ANA BIO® Research & development Produce/ manufacture,Purchase & sell Biomedicine Products.

ANA BIO ® Research & Development deals  in the following areas : –

Production of spores of Bacillus as probiotics
Production lines for food immune function.
Develop diagnostic kit based on the fluorescent probes and nanoparticles.



AB-BIOTICS is a Spanish biotech company focused on research, development, protection and distribution of its own biotechnological solutions, which make a contribution to improving people’s health and wellbeing. It has 2 divisions:

1) Functional Ingredients: probiotics and other nutraceuticals for pharmaceutical and food sectors.

2) Genetics: genetic analyses for conducting pharmacogenetic studies which provide specialists with more information about the most effective therapies and doses for each patient

AB-BIOTICS (Barcelona) aspires to set a standard in the European biotechnology industry for both value and profitability.

Strives to improve health by developing products and providing services that help support healthy living and prevent disease.


Jeil Pharm Co. Ltd, Korea

Founded in 1959Jeil has developed and supplied superior pharmaceutical products to promote the happiness and health of mankind and has contributed to the growth and development of the pharmaceutical industry in Korea.


Hilton Pharma

Hilton Pharma has emerged as Pakistan’s largest national pharmaceutical company.

Hilton Pharma is a member of the Progressive Group of Companies. Combining the best of values, entrepreneurship, strong work ethics, strict compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and wide range of products.

Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd.

Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd.

Sirio Pharma Co., Ltd.(China) is a global integrated contract manufacturer for dietary supplements, drugs and cosmetics, providing wide range of products with different forms including softgel, tablet, nutritional gummy, capsule, powder and oral liquid.

Sirio has been certified by 9 strict internationally recognized standards such as TGA’s GMP, cGMP, BRC, ISO 9001:2008 and SMETA, etc.

Hangzhou Jiuyuan

Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the national high-tech enterprises dedicated to the R&D of gene-engineered protein drugs, synthetic polypeptides and chemical drugs, especially in the areas of oncology, hepatitis B, hematology and orthopedics.

Their  R&D capacity and production scale are ranked at the top of biological pharmaceutical industry in China. They have  got SFDA approval to market their products.

Dupont Danisco Animal Nutrition

Danisco Animal Nutrition provides innovative enzyme, natural betaine and probiotic feed technologies to solve livestock and aquaculture challenges.

Zoetis USA

Zoetis is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways. Building on 60 years of experience, deliver quality medicines and vaccines, complemented by diagnostic products and genetic tests and supported by a range of services.

Phibro Animal Health USA

Phibro Animal Health Corporation is one of the leading animal health companies in the world and is dedicated to helping meet the growing demand for animal protein. They develop, manufacture and market a broad range of products for food animals including poultry, swine, beef and dairy cattle and aquaculture.

Neogen Corporation Inc. USA

Leader in developing and marketing test kits that provide food safety solutions. Their products are unsurpassed in terms of ease of use, convenience and speed. Neogen’s formats make testing simple. The tests are specifically designed to minimize user time and maximize convenience.

Lohmann Animal Nutrition, Germany

Lohmann Animal Nutrition produces a broad range of feed additives and premixes in its own state-of-the-art facilities in Cuxhaven, Germany.

A selected range of high-quality active ingredients allows greater flexibility in the choice of raw materials used in feed manufacturing, while ensuring that the animals’ nutritional needs are optimally met.

Van Aarsen International Holland

Van Aarsen International was founded in 1949 in The Netherlands, a country with a long agricultural tradition.

Van Aarsen is developer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art machines and complete feed mill and premix plant solutions for the production of animal feed and premixes worldwide.

ChoongAng Biotech Co. Ltd., Korea

Choong Ang Biotech Co., Ltd.   Is a first manufacturer for animal medicine & nutrient products. Since then, Choong-Ang has been well known in Korea with animal medicines, vitamin premixes and feed additives,animal breeding,agriculture,food stuff,pharmaceutical & biological industry.

Dae Han New Pharm Co. Ltd., Korea

Dae Han New Pharm Co., Ltd., have contributed to seek human health and welfare with various products of pharmaceuticals, herbals and health supplements as well as veterinary medicines.

While being active in veterinary products as one of the leading makers during the last two decades.

Vedan Taiwan/Vietnam

Vedan (Vietnam) invested & owned by Vedan International Group (Taiwan) is one of the biggest MSG manufacturers in Asia, established in 1991 and located in Dong Nai province, Vietnam, with total area 120ha and 3000 employees. Our main products: + MSG (monosodium glutamate). + Starch and modified starch. + Poly glutamic acid (powder and liquid). + Compound organic fertilizer (liquid and granules). + Feed additives (liquid and granules).

Avico Jordan

Arab Veterinary Industrial Company(AVICO) was founded in 1978, whose goal was to establish a professional, rapid and competitive veterinary service that Evolved and flourished with the animal health care in Jordan, under that umbrella of values.

Shandong Qilu King-Phar Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

As a member of QILU PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP, Shandong Qilu King-Phar Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the location of fermentation processing plant, one of 8 sites specializing in production of antibiotic, API and premixes covering an area of over 20,000 square meters with production capacity over 10000 metric ton.

Zhejiang Chemicals Import And Export Corporation

Zhejiang Chemicals Import & Export Corporation(ZHECHEM) is located in the center of famous tourist city–Hangzhou, near Shanghai. It was firstly established as SINOCHEM ZHEJIANG in 1980, and in 1988 renamed as Zhejiang Chemicals Import & Export Corporation.

Company is mainly engaged in the import and export business of Pharmaceuticals, Agro-chemicals, Colourants, Dyestuff, Food additives, Herbal extracts and their Intermediates as well as other chemicals